Trenchless Sewer Repair

Expert Trenchless Sewer Repair San Diego

Sewer lines can become damaged by settling soil, tree roots and debris that gets into the line and causes corrosion. Trenchless sewer repair is a process of creating a lining inside the existing piping and fixing the pipe without the need for a costly exhumation and replacement.

The old method of digging and replacing piping is less appealing than ever. Materials used in trenchless sewer repair are sturdier and there is no need for the disruption that comes with digging up an entire yard. It is much less expensive than the traditional method, too.
The repair starts when experts come to your home to inspect the line to see where the damage is. This is sometimes done with a video camera. You can opt to have the pipes replaced or relined. There may be times when replacement is necessary, but most of the time a relining is all that is needed.

A flexible material gets inserted into your home’s sewer line, and then a tube is inserted inside it and inflated. Once this material dries, the tube gets deflated and taken out, leaving you with a perfectly repaired sewer line free of all cracks.

If replacement piping is needed, the new pipe is installed into the old one breaking it as it is inserted. Broken pipe stays in the ground with no need for tearing up your lawn. The pipe is tested to ensure that it is in place and is then connected at both ends of the sewer line. Your new pipe is ready to use.

Trenchless sewer repair is available in San Diego for new homes and old homes which are often subject to problems from aging sewer line systems. Get an inspection on your sewer line done. Contact your San Diego trenchless sewer repair experts for more information.